Carmen’s Legacy

Carmen’s Legacy is a true-life story about our family. What happened to us can happen to your family. It is confronting and personal, thought-provoking and factual, and it shows the love and strength of a family and how that can overcome all odds and turn tragedy into triumph and success.

Road trauma is something we hear about every day. It is always someone else’s story… that is until it becomes your story.

Carmen’s Legacy may save your life or the life of someone you love.

About The Book

Twenty years ago, I began writing Carmen’s Legacy. Little did I know it would be the most challenging project I would ever take on. It has been confronting, emotional, and cathartic. I have laughed, and I have cried, but Carmen’s story must live on because this is her Legacy.
I tell of two fatal car crashes that changed the lives and direction of our family and many of our friends. I explain how, as a family, we addressed the challenges that we faced together, and you will understand why I believe the roads are the most dangerous place for anyone to be. Someone is killed on an Australian road every single day!

About The Author.

John is an International Keynote Speaker on Road Safety, Risk, and Family. His life journey is one of incredible triumph over tragedy.

When a serious car accident derailed his life, he was 42 years old, a successful businessman with a wonderful family that included four beautiful daughters. Doctors told him he would never work again. After years of surgeries, rehabilitation, and therapy, John was on the road to at least a partial recovery when an even greater tragedy struck his family when the youngest of his four daughters, 18-year-old Carmen, lost her life in a car accident. This devastating event would redefine his and his family’s lives.

John Maher

Carmen’s Legacy

This true-life story of John’s car crash, and then two years later that of his young daughter’s death, in yet another car crash, inspired John to become a champion of road safety. John uses Carmens’ story to educate young drivers on safe road use. The video of Carmen was taken on Christmas day, just two years before he lost her in a car crash.

This book is a potentially life-saving gift for a young driver and the entire family. Carmen’s Legacy will empower you to be the safest road user you can be.



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