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The video of Carmen on Christmas Day at her grandparent’s home serves as a bittersweet reminder of the beautiful young woman she was. At only sixteen, Carmen exuded joy and happiness, and it is evident in the way she interacts with her family in the video. The cruel twist of fate that took her life just twenty-three months later, only five kilometres from home, serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life. Watching the video now brings a mix of emotions, from the fond memories it evokes to the heartbreaking realization that Carmen’s life was cut tragically short. No family should have to rely on videos to hear the voice of their loved one, and the loss of Carmen is a devastating reminder of that fact.

For 25 years, I have presented Carmen’s Road Safety Education to years 10, 11, and 12 students at Secondary Schools. Over the years, more than 450,000 students have heard Carmen’s story where they are empowered to be the safest road users they can be. I believe that through me, Carmen has saved injuries and lives on our dangerous and far too often deadly roads.

Standing in the driveway, my gaze shifted from the beautiful grey-green gum and colourful bottle-brush trees that surrounded our driveway to the flashes of white as a car travelled behind the trees and slowed before turning into our gate. It was a police car.

The back door of the police car opened, and Michelle stepped out. Tears were streaming down her face.

As a passionate advocate for road safety education, I firmly believe that it is crucial to impart important lessons and values to our youth. With learners and inexperienced drivers making up a significant portion of road users, it is essential to educate them on the importance of being cautious, courteous, and conscientious while on the road. By instilling these values in our future drivers, we can help create a safer culture on the roads and reduce the number of accidents and fatalities caused by reckless driving. In short, education is the key to a safer and more responsible road community.

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