A Guide to Road Traffic Signs and Rules

A Guide To Road Traffic Signs and Rules

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April 12, 2023

Work, school or other personal errands push us to leave our houses and brave the outside world. When outside, our main way of going around is through public transportation and private vehicles.

Whether you’re a pedestrian or a driver, it’s important to learn traffic signs and rules. Road safety advocacy aims to provide guidelines and precautions to drivers who go about the road daily.

With that said, it’s important to be guided on different traffic signs and rules.

A Chronicle of Road Hazards

Every day, lots of traffic accidents occur on the road, and casualties spike from day to day. According to the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications, in 2020, there were a total of 1,201 road fatalities in Australia, which is a 4.6% decrease compared to the previous year.

In terms of road accidents with casualties (injuries or fatalities), there were a total of 28,238 road crashes resulting in casualties in 2020. This represents a 3.1% decrease compared to the previous year.

However, it’s worth noting that the number of road accidents and fatalities can vary year-to-year, and there can be fluctuations due to factors such as weather, road conditions, and changes in traffic patterns. Additionally, even one road accident with casualties is too many, and it’s important to continue to work towards reducing the number of road accidents and fatalities in Australia.

That’s why there are road safety campaigns in Australia that stress the importance of road safety education in both pedestrians and drivers.

Traffic Signs and Rules You Need to Know

Before we begin, let’s take a look at the different types of road signs to look out for:

Warning Signs

These warn you of potential hazards ahead. Yellow diamond shapes with black symbols or words are common.

This type of sign commonly includes:

  • Sharp Left or Right Turn Sign
  • Curve to Left or Right Sign
  • Reverse Turn Sign, First to Left/Right
  • Series of Curves Ahead, First to Left/Right
  • Hairpin Bend to Left/Right
  • Tilting Truck Sign
  • Advisory Exit Speed

Regulatory Signs

These provide drivers with information about traffic laws and regulations. All instructions on regulatory signs must be followed by all road users.

Most regulatory signs show these:

  • Give-Way Sign
  • Stop Sign
  • Give Way at Roundabout Sign
  • One-way Traffic Sign
  • Two-Way Traffic Sign
  • One-Way Left or Right Sign
  • No Left or Right Turn
  • Turn Left or Right Sign
  • No U-Turn Sign
  • U-Turn Permitted

Road Work Signs

These are used to create a safe environment for workers on or near the road during road construction.

These signs typically include:

  • Roadwork Ahead
  • Road Plant Ahead Sign
  • Workers Ahead Sign
  • Traffic Hazard Ahead Sign
  • Temporary Traffic Signals Ahead Sign
  • Close Lane Ahead Sign
  • Hazardous Road Surface Conditions Ahead
  • Loose Stones or Gravel Ahead Sign

Guide and Information Signs

Information signs are the last type of road sign used in Australia. They provide the driver with information such as the distance to a town or city.

Some examples of Guide and Information Signs include:

  • Reduce Speed Sign
  • Wrong Way – Go Back Sign
  • Freeway Signs
  • End Freeway 1km Sign
  • Emergency Median Crossing Sign

Carmen’s Legacy of Road Safety Advocacy

Thirty years ago, John Maher was involved in a car accident that rendered him unable to perform certain activities for several years. While he was still recovering, thirty months later, his daughter—Carmen – lost her life in a car crash due to fatigue.

Carmen’s death became the catalyst for John to champion the awareness of the dangers on the roads and he became a leading road safety advocate. He wrote the book, “Carmen’s Legacy” to prevent other people like his daughter and himself from being casualties of road accidents.

His book “Carmen’s Legacy,” highlights the importance of road safety education. It tells the story of John Maher’s tragic accident and the subsequent accident that took the life of his daughter Carmen. The book emphasises the importance of road safety including the need to always be a safe and conscientious driving.

Road safety advocacy is all about learning how to navigate the road and preventing unwanted disasters from happening. Get your copy of “Carmen’s Legacy” today and help us spread the word about the importance of road safety.

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