The Importance of Road Safety Education for Students

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December 8, 2022

Every day, thousands of people lose their lives due to road accident-related deaths. In Australia alone, there are fatalities daily due to road accidents. There are many road accidents that result in serious injury.


The Importance of Road Safety Education for Students

By recognising the vulnerability of children on our roads, various discussions and meetings were held across the country to debate the need for Road Safety to be included as a separate subject in the school curriculum. Schools and teachers across the country felt that introducing another subject would overload the already overburdened student. Everyone agreed, however, that making students aware of road hazards is critical to instilling in them a defensive driving attitude.

The increased traffic in cities and rural areas has highlighted the significance of road safety education for students. Given the importance of road safety, various programs have been organised to ensure that students actively participate and gain an understanding of road safety.

However, involving parents, the community, the government, and all civil society organisations are critical in promoting student road safety. It is crucial to include road safety education in students’ current curriculum.


Road Accidents Are the Cause of the Majority of Deaths in Australia

Car accidents are a tragic but all-too-common part of life. Indeed, they are among the leading causes of death among Australians aged 1-24. Nonetheless, in a country the size of Australia, driving is a necessity.

The key to avoiding accidents should not be to avoid car travel altogether but to understand the specific triggers and ensure our habits are as healthy as possible.

According to statistics from Road Trauma Australia, there were 1,123 road fatalities in 2021. This represents a 2.6% increase over 2020. Over the decade, fatalities fell from around 1,300 per year to approximately 1,100 per year. The trend was not consistent, but the total reduction was 13.6%.

To solve this puzzle, IRTE created a module and methodology for teaching Road Safety Education through existing curriculum subjects.


Understanding Common Causes of Road Accidents

Road accidents can cause minor and significant casualties. In order to fully grasp the importance of road safety advocacy and road safety campaigns in Australia, let’s understand the causes of road accidents and what damning consequences they bring.


Speeding is defined as travelling faster than the legal speed limit or faster than the road conditions allow. Driving at a higher speed than the speed limit set in a particular area could be a potential disaster. Not only do you risk yourself, but you also risk innocent people adhering to the speed limit around you.

Distracted Driving

Phones, eating/drinking, smoking/vaping, applying makeup, and a variety of other commonplace activities can easily distract drivers when on the road. Driving while distracted can obscure your view of the road, and you can’t pay attention to any road signs or hazards you’re driving into. You risk yourself and a lot of innocent people when you don’t pay attention to the road while driving.

Fatigued Driving

“Fatigued sleep” can be caused by a lack of quality sleep, excessive driving, a lack of stimulation, or a hectic social/work schedule. Driving tired and sleepy can lead you to fall asleep on the road and drive into another car or an establishment.

Drunk Driving

It only takes 1-2 standard drinks to exceed the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit. Alcohol consumption can cause your mind to go hazy and cloud your judgement. Driving while under the influence of alcohol can be dangerous, especially if you’re not in the right mindset to drive and pay attention to your surroundings. Drunk driving is the most common cause of road accidents and sometimes leads to the most deaths.


Having Students Learn Road Safety at Schools is the First Step in Ensuring Their Safety

Driving lessons and road safety education should be a compulsory part of the student’s curriculum in Australia. When students reach 18 and get their own license, they should be prepared and knowledgeable of the hazards of the road and ensure their safety and the safety of others.

Students must learn and understand road safety precautions before they get their licenses and are allowed to drive.

Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or a guardian, you will be responsible for ensuring your students and children learn to navigate the road safely.


Carmen’s Legacy Highlights Road Safety Education in Students

The novel “Carmen’s Legacy” emphasises the importance of road safety education. It tells the story of John Maher’s tragic accident and the subsequent accident that took her daughter Carmen away from them. The book emphasises the importance of road safety and the need to be as safe and conscientious road user.

Road safety education is critical. Get your copy of “Carmen’s Legacy” today and help us spread the word about road safety.

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