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October 10, 2022

The road is a dangerous place. Every day, thousands of people are injured or killed by cars on our roads. Even more are injured or killed crossing the street without looking both ways for traffic. These accidents can be avoided by following road safety precautions.

Road safety education is very important in ensuring that accidents can be prevented.

It’s important to stay safe in this world of danger by following road safety campaigns in Australia. As part of Carmen Legacy’s road safety advocacy, we’ve gathered important things you need to know and keep in mind about road safety:

1. Always cross the road when it is safe to do so

When you are crossing a road, consider the speed of traffic and look for gaps in traffic. Do not cross where there are gaps in both directions. It is also important not to take risks by crossing at an unsafe time or place; this could lead to injury or death if you get hit by a vehicle while crossing.

You should wait for the stoplights to signal it is safe for pedestrians to cross. Otherwise, do not attempt to cross the streets on a green light.

2. Walk on footpaths, where there are footpaths

When it comes to road safety, walking on footpaths is the safest thing to do. If there is no footpath, walk off the side of the road facing oncoming traffic. This will give you more space to move around in case of an emergency and also protect you from being hit by vehicles coming toward you.

If there are no safe places for walking on either side of a road and there’s no other option available (like crossing through busy intersections), then walk in the centre of your lane and make sure that drivers know where they should stop before passing over so as not to hit pedestrians accidentally, making sure everyone stays out of harm’s way.

3. Never cross between parked cars

As a rule of thumb, never cross between parked cars. There are many things you should know about crossing safely, but the most important thing is that you should never cross between parked cars. This can happen at any time, including when there are no cars around or if there are just a few cars in front of you.

Cross only where there is space and visibility for both sides of your vehicle to be seen by drivers on either side. If you’re walking on footpaths or other public spaces (such as parks), then make sure they have enough room so that pedestrians can walk comfortably without being hit by an oncoming vehicle’s wheels.

4. Stop, look and listen for traffic and give way to pedestrians if you are driving a vehicle

As a driver, you are responsible for the safety of all road users. You must look out for pedestrians who may be crossing your path or walking along the side of the road. You should give way to people on foot at intersections, when there is no traffic signal, and where pedestrians are waiting to cross so that they can make it safely across without being hit by another vehicle.

Part of road safety advocacy is to remind motorists to also stop at pedestrian crossings and school crossings when children or older people are crossing in front of them. Cyclists also have rights under the law that allow them to use any part of a road except where signs say otherwise (such as cycle tracks). Motorcyclists should follow rules just like cars but they often take up more room on roads than cars do so don’t forget about them when sharing space with other vehicles.

5. Safe driving means keeping your eyes on the road, not your phone!

Driving is a dangerous activity, and you need to be safe.

One of the biggest ways that drivers can become distracted is by using their phones while they are behind the wheel. This can lead to accidents and other kinds of accidents like pedestrian injuries.

In most countries, it is illegal to be on your phone while driving. There have been many cases of texting while driving that lead to untimely disasters. When you’re driving, put all your focus on the road and anything around you and be alert to anything that could potentially be dangerous.

Road Safety Education with Carmen’s Legacy

Road safety education is an important aspect in the novel “Carmen’s Legacy”. It chronicles the devasting accident that happened to John Maher and the succeeding accident that took her daughter Carmen away from their lives. The book teaches the importance of road safety and the consequences that come with being reckless on the road.

Road safety education is important. Get your copy of “Carmen’s Legacy” today and take part of our road safety advocacy.


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